Tachometer - Engine Hour Meter - Flight Timer for Experimental Aircraft

T-30 Tachometer $169 (Free Shipping)


  • Large and Easy to Read Digits

  • Extreme Operating Temperature Display

  • Soft Orange Backlight with Automatic Brightness

  • 2-1/4" Panel Mounted

  • Weighs 3.0oz

  • Milled Aluminum Enclosure

  • Includes Pre-Wired Connector

  • 12-28 Volt Compatible


  • Monitors Both Left and Right Ignition Systems

  • Warns when an Ignition System has Failed

  • Connects to P-Leads and/or Electronic Ignition

  • Works with Radial Engines too

  • Displays RPM or %RPM

  • No Firewall Penetration Required

Engine Hour Meter:

  • Saves Engine Hours in "Tach Time" or Actual Time

  • Can Be Set to Any Starting Hour Reading

Flight Timer:

  • Automatically Records Flight Time