GD-40 CO Detector

The Right Features at the Right Price

GD-40 $299 Free Shipping

GD-40 $299 Free Shipping

LED Indicator and Button Included

LED Indicator and Button Included


  • Communicates Digitally with your EFIS

  • Monitors Cabin Pressure - Aural Alerts to remind you to don your Oxygen Mask

  • Calibrated Using Precision Gas - Each unit is individually calibrated and tested

  • Built in Self Test Monitors Sensor Quality - Continuous self testing for reliability

  • Altitude and Temperature Compensated - Has an internal Altimeter and Temperature Sensor

  • Remote Mounting Takes No Panel Space

  • Detects CO as low as 10 PPM

  • Calibrated up to 25,000'

  • Circulation Fan for Superior Performance

  • Sensor Lasts up to Ten Years Before Requiring Recalibration

Four Ways to Alert:

  • Digitally through your EFIS

    • AFS

    • Dynon - via switched input

    • GRT

    • GARMIN

    • MGL

  • Aurally through your Audio System: "Danger Carbon Monoxide"

  • Via a Two Color LED

  • Via a switched relay to a Lamp, EFIS input or Tone Generator

Three Alert Levels:

  • Low: 50 to 100 PPM - Flashing green LED, Voice Alert: "Caution, Carbon Monoxide"

  • Medium: 100 to 400 PPM - Steady Red LED, Voice Alert: "Warning, Carbon Monoxide"

  • High: More than 400 PPM - Flashing Red LED, Voice Alert: "Danger, Carbon Monoxide"

Q and A:

Q: Why should I choose the GD-40 over an automotive/household CO detector?
A:The GD-40 is altitude and temperature compensated for an aircraft environment and will sense accurately at all altitudes and temperatures, non-aviation detectors are not.  Secondly, The GD-40 monitors the integrity of its CO sensor throughout the lifetime of the sensor (up to 10 years) and will alert you when it is time for a new sensor and recalibration.

Displays CO Warnings on your EFIS

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