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Includes : FT-60 Fuel Flow Transducer, Outside Air Temperature Probe, Mounting Tray and Wiring

FT-60 Fuel Flow Transducer,
Outside Air Temperature Probe,
Mounting Tray and Wiring


The Flight Data Systems AFP-30 computer performs the functions of three devices for a very low price. It is designed for the experimental aircraft owner who wants instantaneous flight information previously reserved only for transports and private jets. 

The Air Data Computer function features complete Winds Aloft information, Airspeed information including True Airspeed and Mach number, Altitude information such as Density Altitude and Vertical speed, and both Total and Saturated Air Temperature .

The Fuel Computer function is a full featured system complete with GPS communication enabling it to display Miles Per Gallon, Range and Arrival Fuel along with fuel flow and the other standard fuel computer data.

The Performance Computer function calculates, instantaneously, Percent Horsepower based on the engine manufacturer’s power chart. It also provides backup Tachometer and Manifold Pressure indications.

User customizable display page(s) shows any four data items. Display units (MPH, Knots, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Gallons, Liters, Inches, Millibars) are also user selectable.

The AFP-30 is compatible with most handheld and panel mount GPS units. Data is continuously sent to panel mounted GPS units filling in the GPS’s data pages and increasing panel mount GPS capability.

The AFP-30 is packaged in a standard radio rack mountable chassis. It features a sunlight readable, backlit, extreme operating temperature display with simple single knob operation.

All systems include FT-60 certified Fuel Flow sensor(s), Temperature sensor, wiring and connectors. Partial systems are available at a reduced price for customers not requiring all functions or sensors. Please call for specific information.


Air Data Computer

  • Altitude

  • Density Altitude

  • Indicated Airspeed

  • True Airspeed

  • Mach Number

  • Total AIr Temperature

  • Saturated Air Temperature

  • Winds Aloft

  • Crosswind Component

  • Headwind Component


Fuel Flow Computer

  • Fuel Flow (Gallons/hour or Liters/Hour)

  • Fuel Used

  • Fuel Remaining

  • Fuel to GPS Waypoint

  • Fuel At GPS Waypoint

  • Range

  • Endurance

  • Fuel Efficiency (NMPG, MPG, MPL)


Performance Computer

  • Manifold Pressure

  • RPM

  • Percent Horsepower